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Standard Benefits included in all plans:
Daily Facility Care Benefits of $100 to $300 in $25 increments, as selected by the individual applicant
Daily Home Based Care Benefit is 100% of selected Daily Facility Care Benefit
Lifetime Maximum Benefit of 1,500 times the Daily Facility Care Benefit
Guaranteed Benefit Increase allows opportunities to increase coverage every three years to keep pace with inflation
Once per lifetime 90 calendar day waiting period with no paid care required during this period as long as you are certified as "chronically ill."
Waiver of premium while you are receiving benefits and for six months after benefits end
Home Medical Technology Benefit
Non-forfeiture protection
Restoration of Lifetime Maximum Benefit
Optional benefits:
Lifetime Automatic Benefit Increase Option increases daily and lifetime maximum benefits by 5% per year, compounded annually. If this is selected, it replaces the standard Guaranteed Benefit Increase.






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